Our philosophy

Chess Club Balaguer has a wide variety of factors that make it fun to play chess:

  • One of the main goals is to learn more fun to learn to think, among other things.

  • Utilizes active and motivating considering the different rhythms of learning.

  • During chess tournaments are different (individual – equipment) to practice the contents worked at the same time enjoy this game.

  • Our students participated in the regional tournament, provincial, regional and even state obtaining optimal results.

  • To encourage coexistence in end of year is closing with a small games in the morning and afternoon activities surprise.

Chess is a game between two players which is played on a board and each player has, sixteen pieces. Therefore, we propose an activity that is a game and the goal is learning fun.
Because many develop skills and contribute to achieving the basic skills needed in the end stage of primary education.
We are the leader in the territorial club both at school and senior level, we have a very good infrastructure and a very friendly and welcoming which makes it a very good experience.

For more information:

correu info@escacsbalaguer.org

It is proven that you can find on the internet, that chess increases:

  • The performance in reading skills.

  • The ability to solve problems and calculation.

  • Concentration.

  • Memory.

  • Attention.

  • Intellectual maturity.

  • The self-esteem.

  • Creativity.

  • Critical thinking and many more …

Objectives of the activity of chess.

  • Working abilities of concentration, attention, mental arithmetic, creativity, imagination, spatial orientation and handedness.

  • Learn how to solve the problems and make decisions.

  • Learn to accept their own mistakes and draw lessons positives.

  • Putting the different types of memory.

  • Promoting values such as respect, empathy and self-esteem.

  • Learn to respect their own turn and “wait.”